September 05, 2010

My Lovely Daughter "Michelle" 2nd B'day

Yayy maren my lovely daughter 2nd bday .. krn dirayain nya today (just a family dinner aja) so maren buat mini cake aja u/tiup lilin just a simple bday cake ....

And this is the birthday girl with her new purple tutu dress :P

What a precious joy you are, cute from head to toe, you melt our heart with your sweetness. You're a very special gift, A Gift from heaven. The most perfect lil angel, Happy 2nd Birthday ✽••Michelle••✽ , mommy & daddy ♥ u always

Isenk buatin figurin Michelle so cute juga setelah jadi hehehe .. gak da theme cuma kesannya Michelle lagi play di Ball pool aja ...

krn theme cakenya Pink Green jd kaya gini deh jadinya .. Ta Raaaaa

Simple bgt yah .. abisnya gak ada ide and emg cm u/syarat aja .. "Happy 2nd Birthday my sunshine ... mommy loves u so much"


~Jessica Daniel~ said...

Cin.... Happy Birthday ya buat Michelle. Tuhan memberkati. Jadinya dirayain ga?

TheCAKE said...

Thank u yah jess ... gak dirayain besar2an jess cuma family dinner aja he3

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