January 19, 2012


Thanks GOD for all His blessing in this year and THE CAKE @Cindy's Kitchen is ready to welcoming the dragon year with new hope, new spirit and new idea of the design. THE CAKE ingin ngucapin Thank you yg sudah order ya baik dr cookies, lapis legit maupun parcel/hampers nya semoga puas dengan pelayanan jasa THE CAKE ya. Yang pastinya kita akan memberikan pelayanan yg lebih baik lagi di tahun naga ini .....

THE CAKE @Cindy's Kitchen closed dl ya til end January , see you on month of Love February and will be PO valentine coming soon, don't miss it ​; )

And THE CAKE@Cindy's Kitchen mengucapkan "GONG XI FAT CHAI" 2012

"Wishing all of you a happiness, strenght, and luck in the year of Dragon."


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