January 28, 2013

PO for Chinese New Year Hampers

TYPE 1 (30x22x40cm)

TYPE 2 (38x22x35cm)

TYPE 3 (35x25x35cm)

TYPE 4 (40x30x40cm)

TYPE 5 (40x30x40cm)

Open PO for Chinese New Year Hampers, we have 5 type and it's limited ... Place ur order now ... 
Contact me pin BB by request or whatsapp 082323079999

Now we have new type .... 
TYPE A (26x12x35cm)

PO for Chinese New Year Cupcake Set

Open PO for Chinese New Year Cupcake set available set of 6, 9 and 12 .. Limited and dont miss it .. place ur order now..

Last Order 4 February and last delivery or pick up 6 February 2013. 
Contact me pin BB by request or whatsapp 082323079999

Flower Cupcakes

Cinderella BDCK

Mickey & Friends BDCK

Cupcake Set 17.01.2013

Cupcake for Goodiebags

Minnie Mouse BDCK

Orderan dari Selvy minta bdck utk anaknya yg bday pertama and ini hasilnya

January 09, 2013

Cupcake Set 09.01.2013

Orderan dari Sevy and ini yg kdua setelah orderan barney di thn 2013 ini .. and sevy minta 9pcs choc cupcakes utk bday suaminya ini hasilnya

Barney & Friends BDCK

Orderan dari Erna minta bdck theme Barney utk anaknya Evelyn yg bday ke-2 and ini hasilnya

Reminder ......

At this time, THE CAKE only take limited number of cakes, so please make sure you place your cake orders with enough time to ensure we can reserve a spot for you.
For February ωε gonna open PO for Chinese New Year Cupcake Set (available set of 6,9 & 12), CNY Cake & CNY Hampers picture will be released soon :) also ωε have Valentine's edition for Cupcake Set (available set of 4,6,9 & 12). Get ready to place your orders & ωε will waiting for ur orders. τ♓a∏ĸ γºů

January 08, 2013

Bachelorette Cupcake Set

Orderan dari Vinda mau pesen cupcake set utk bachelorette tmn nya .. and ini hasilnya

January 07, 2013

Cupcake Set 24.12.2012

Orderan dari Septi tmn mommies di KP and minta cupcake set utk bday suaminya .. tis is the result 

Baby Sean One month Cake

Orderan baby one month  dari tmnku selfi utk anak pertamanya Sean ... tis is the result thank u cici ...

Cupcake Set 13.12.2012

Orderan dari Ms.Lily utk bday cowonya minta cupcake set and ini hasilnyaa

Favourite Things BDCK

Orderan dari Erny utk bday iparnya and ini hasilnya ...

Baby Dragon Cake for baby shower

Orderan dari Liz jg utk baby showernya minta theme nya dragon ... and ini hasilnya

Baby One Month Cupcakes

Orderan dari new Liz utk baby one month nya and ini hasilnya