March 31, 2013

Soccer theme

Orderan dr tetangga Ci Nila yg mnta 12pcs chocolate cupcake dg theme soccer utk bday anaknya yg ke-8 and ini hasilnya

March 30, 2013

Mickey & Friends BDCK

Orderan dr Viana yg thn lalu jg psn bdck utk anaknya Kevina.... Minta bdck theme mickey and tis is the result ....

"My Melody" Theme

Orderan dr tetangga di rmh parents ku minta cupcake set utk bday anaknya yg pertama and ini hasilnya

March 27, 2013

Doc Mcstuffins BDCK

Orderan dr new customer Shirley minta theme nya sheep nya yg dr channel disney, mnta bdck uk18cm Vanilla filling buttercream ... And ini hslnya

March 23, 2013

Cupcake Set 22.03.2013

Orderan dr tmnku Shanty minta 6pcs choc cupcake theme Anniversary en ini hasilnya ....
And cimmentnya blg baguss bgt , thanks cindy (yayyy thanks jg Shan)

March 20, 2013

Cupcake Set 20.03.2013

Orderan dr new customer Indi , order cc set utk ksh ke uncle nya yg dokter, Indi bilang cupcake set nya nice and bagus ..... hepi deh kl Indi suka semoga uncle nya jg suka ya , and tis is the result

March 17, 2013

Tumble Tots theme

Orderan dr Maria mau ksh cc set utk miss anaknya di tumble tots and ini hasilnya

March 16, 2013

Announcement at THE CAKE

Hello The CAKE friends, for quick response on your inquiry please email us at We also have twitter , follow us: TheCAKEcindy , our Whatsapp/LINE: 0823-2307-9999

Now we have package for birthday cake and cupcakes, there's 2(two) options:
- Birthday Cake with cupcakes packing one by one
- Birthday cake with cupcakes around the circle in one tray

You can choose by yourself and let us know the design/theme, we will make it the best for your special day.

Also we have sweet corner/dessert table, c'mon celebrate a party with us (Birthday Party, Wedding Party, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Engagement or any other special event that you cherish forever). Get in touch with us and make your special day an event to remember.


March 08, 2013

Graduation BDCK

Orderan dari my best fren Yuli,buat kado surpirse iparnya Marcel, iparnya br lulus kuliah and suka sekali melihara burung jd dibuat theme sepeeti ini deh .....

Elmo & Friends BDCK

Orderan dari Cheris yg kesekian kalinya thank u cheris ...... Bday anaknya Dylan yg kedua and themenya elmo ni hslnya .....

March 07, 2013

Happy Anniversary cupcake set

Orderan dr viesta minta 6pcs red velvet cupcake set themenya anniversary,ni hasilnya

March 02, 2013

Shopaholic Cupcake Set

Orderan dr new customer Renny mnta 6pcs Red Velvet Cupcake en theme nya shopaholic ini hslnya

Family Theme Cupcake Set

Orderan dr spupuku lagi Livia mau ksh utk bday tmnnya and ini hslnya

Angry Bird Cupcake Set

Orderan dr spupuku Ci Novi , minta 6pcs choc cupcakes tema angry bird .... Tis is the result