October 11, 2017

Bittersweet Cake

Plan your surprise, think of a sweet things, and you can order our signature fancy cake: BITTERSWEET CAKE,

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Order just email us, thecake.cindyskitchen@gmail.com 

Mocca Nougat Cake

A cake is very delicious when it looks fresh baked from the oven. We are pleased to serve the most cushioned cake “Mocha Nougat" available in size 10x20cm or 20x20cm (1 Layer). 
Order by email , thecake.cindyskitchen@gmail.com 

Choco Baileys Cake

Something NEW is about to come. Newly launched signature fancy cake, CHOCO BAILEYS CAKE will enchant you right away! Available size 20cm

Just email us for order


Bolu Jadul

Tsumtsum BDCK

Marmer Cake

Ninjago BDCK